Meadow Consulting

Computer assistance and education for home users

What I do

I enable home users to use their computers, phones and other devices safely and with confidence by providing both hands-on technical services and education.
Concerned about Coronavirus?  No worries! I can work with you remotely.

Services at a glance

Cleanup and Organization
Password Management
Storage and Speed Improvement
Privacy and Security
Education and Empowerment

My Approach

I prioritize communication, making sure your expectations are met and that you are very confident in the work I am doing.  I work by the hour to give you the flexibility to decide what you want done and when.  Interested in learning? You are welcome to observe and ask questions while I work and I can also provide dedicated educational sessions.

Why Choose Me?


Over 20 years as an industry expert in Security Software


I am prompt, honest and a good communicator

Customer focused

I will work with you to determine the best way to meet your needs

What People say

Ben is a strong communicator who is able to express complicated technical issues clearly and concisely.
Brian Mulligan
Group Product Manager at BitSight
He fixed all my operational issues, performed needed maintenance and taught me how to effectively use my computer with much less time and frustration!
Janie Fagen
Zephyr Cove
Ben has the passion, expertise and patience to teach those less experienced.
Giancarlo V. Marchesi
Director, Strategic Alliances LatAm